SAN ANTONIO-Steve Cansino wants to help the victims of hurricane ravaged Florida. His desire comes with a steep personal price.

"I'm missing my son's 10th birthday Saturday," Cansino said. "He understands this is something important that dad has to do."

Cansino is one of 56 employees selected by CPS Energy to go to Jacksonville, Florida for three weeks to restore power to victims of Hurricane Irma.

He and his wife have two sons. Dominick is 14. Derek is the birthday boy. Their youngest is autistic.

Cansino said Derek knew about Hurricanes Harvey and Irma. His son also understands his father works for CPS Energy. But explaining his absence on a milestone in his son's life was emotional. He tried to make him relate to the plight of the storm victims 1,000 miles away.

"Dad is going to help all these kids that don't have power. That can't play with their toys like you can," he said

Derek wasn't the only emotional person in the conversation. This is his father's first power restoration trip. Anxious and uncertain about what Jacksonville may bring magnifies what they are both feeling inside.

"It's heartbreaking that I can't be there. This is the first birthday that I've ever missed of his but he understands," Cansino said.

Derek's father has promised he will make it up to his baby boy. For now, he has to focus the massive job awaiting him in Florida.

When time permits Cansino said he will Facetime his family. At least seeing his son's face on birthday 10 may make the day happy after all.