A few nights ago, the New Braunfels Humane Society put out a plea for help.

Now, thanks to the community, the dogs are safe from being euthanized.

An overflow of unwanted and lost animals at the New Braunfels Humane Society forced them to call to social media for help. The influx of pets with little room at the shelter left the Humane Society with a tough decision to make.

"Whenever it comes to just space that's not a job that anybody wants at all," live outcome manager, Will Stapleton said.

With the help of social media, the shelter was able to save their pets and give over 100 of them new homes.

"When we posted our first video, all of these kennels were full and we had dogs lined up in the hallway, but now most of them are open," Stapleton said.

Not only did the city of New Braunfels come to the animal's aid, but people from all over the country chimed in to give the animals a second chance at life.