SAN ANTONIO - Dog owners in San Antonio could soon be required to break the chains used on their animals.

The city is one step closer to banning that type of restraint.

Animal Care Services begins a series of community meetings seeking public input on proposed changes to local animal laws. The meeting will be at 2 p.m. at the Roosevelt Clubhouse on Roosevelt Avenue.

These meetings are all about hearing from pet owners on having their dogs chained in their yard and a few more proposals. Under the proposed revisions there's a ban on tethering dogs with chain, especially overnight. Tethering is chaining a dog in place and leaving the animal unattended.

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The proposed laws also provide for stricter spay neuter rules for dogs declared dangerous or ones that are repeatedly impounded.

For roosters’ owners who do not have a permit, there would be a limit of one rooster allowed on your premises.

The new proposed laws would give ACS officers the power to impound pets sold illegally on roadsides, flea markets or without a permit.

The community meetings come coupled with a new survey about this issue. There are five meetings over the next two months and there were nine public meetings before this.

The final set of recommendations for the new animal laws will go before the San Antonio City Council in September.

There is also a survey on the Animal Care website. For more information about animal care issues, click here.