SAN ANTONIO -- Police and property owners call it a damaging, dangerous crime that costs a lot to repair.

Now they want the community to fight back against graffiti.

In the last year, the city cleaned up nearly 60,000 spots across the city, nearly double from the year before.

On the west side, YaHunter Woodard's family has done business in the area for 66 years.

"I see it across the street sometimes see it at the end of the block," Woodard said.

Above the whirl of the fans in her dry cleaning business, she's ready to get rid of some other stains. She keeps a can of spray paint ready. Around the corner, a wall has been taken over by graffiti.

"They have no respect for people's property," Woodard said.

Last year the city spent more than a million dollars cleaning up graffiti, no surprise to Rosalina Montalvo who is facing her own battle.

"Sometimes we pay to clean it up. Others we do it by ourselves. Other times we go to the city," Montalvo said.

Montalvo's shelled out as much as $700 to clean up her own business and put up chains to keep vandals away.

Families on a nearby street said they stocked up on paint to wipe out tagging, nervous to go on camera in case they are targeted next.

San Antonio police said they get it. They even released a video because they need help. SAPD is asking for people to call (210) 207 - SAPD if they see something suspicious and to use the city's free 311 app to get help to clean-up.

The city's graffiti volunteering/abatement program is trying to get as many as 2,500 volunteers ready to help clean up across the city.