January is National Human Trafficking Awareness month and today the mayor, police chief, and district attorney held a press conference at city hall to discuss the issue.

"80% of our victims, hear me, 80% of our victims are children. That should piss you off, because it sure does make me upset." DA Nico Lahood said.

City Government officials and council members stood in solidarity with signs that read, "not in my city" for human trafficking victims.

The meeting took a sharp turn and focused more on Police Chief William McManus, about the way he handled the 12 undocumented immigrants found on December 23. He's under fire by the Lieutenant Governor who is now asking the Attorney General to investigate McManus' decision.

"HSI was on the scene and they had every opportunity to do what they needed to do on the scene and at public safety headquarters. They had every opportunity to do their job and it didn't get done. That's all I'm going to say about this and if you have any further questions, I'm going to redirect you to the city attorney's office." McManus said.

Mayor Ron Nirenberg stands by the police chief's decision, calling the Attorney General investigation "political theater based on false narrative."

"The political operatives that are selling this theatrical production can excel in stage craft, but their story is fiction. There are facts that are important to this case, and our police chief is upholding the law." Mayor Ron Nirenberg said.