SAN ANTONIO - Mayor Ivy Taylor said she doesn’t agree with the San Antonio City Council’s decision to join a lawsuit against Senate Bill 4.

SB 4 bans “sanctuary cities” that serve as safe-havens for those without American citizenship. The bill also allows law enforcement agencies to ask you about your immigration status during a traffic stop.

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District 4 Councilman Rey Saldaña announced the city would join the lawsuit aiming to block SB 4.

The lawsuit was filed by the Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund.

As of now, SB 4 is scheduled to go into effect Sept. 1.

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Taylor labeled the city’s decision as “premature,” and said that joining a lawsuit should be a last resort for San Antonio.

Read her full statement below:

“I believe it was premature for the majority of City Council to give direction for city staff to join in a lawsuit against the SB4 legislation. In this case, the prudent course would be to wait until a decision has been made on whether a special session will be called.

Additionally, I believe that any decision to join this lawsuit should be made in coordination with other major Texas cities, which is why I have consulted with Mayors Adler (Austin), Turner (Houston) and Rawlings (Dallas).

We should be certain that litigation is the measure of last resort and that the city is bearing its fair share of any legal burden. None of these conditions have been satisfied, which is why I continue to oppose City Council’s decision to join this lawsuit.”