Thousands of people began their Good Friday with a San Antonio tradition. People from all over gathered downtown for the annual Passion of the Christ re-enactment.

For many families, the re-enactment serves as a way to reflect, and others said it deepens their faith helping prepare their minds for Easter Sunday.

"It makes the passion for us real," Denise Espinoza, who attends every year, said. "It brings it to life, and helps the younger children to understand."

The story of Jesus' journey to Calvary is put on by the San Fernando Cathedral. Although many have read about it in the Bible, whether believers or not, the purpose is to leave an impression on all.

"I'm Jewish and I just wanted to know a little bit more," Patsy Martin said.

Many Christians in the crowd described the production as a transformative experience. The play has become a family tradition passed down from generation to generation.

"I've been here maybe 20 times," Juan Gomez said. "You see agape love. It's never ending love, no matter what, you know his mercy and his love is renewed daily."

The production ended at the San Fernando Cathedral where people will gather throughout the weekend for Mass and on Sunday will celebrate Resurrection Sunday. It's the day Christians believe Jesus rose from the dead.