A San Antonio high school teacher is all the buzz nowadays after making an appearance on the hit game show Wheel of Fortune.

He didn't win the top prize, but he definitely didn't leave empty-handed and he now has quite the story to tell his students.

He and his family watch Wheel of Fortune daily and it was his wife that suggested he submit a video to get on the show. One thing lead to another and he was asked to audition and then go on the real show.

Kellogg has been teaching chemistry at Churchill High School for 14 years.

Kellogg has dedicated his life to helping his student’s problem solve. Looking at each equation like a puzzle and Kellogg put his skills to the test in a different way, when becoming a contestant on Wheel of Fortune during Teacher’s week.

“Everybody asked the next day, ‘Did you see Mr. Kellogg on television?’ and you know it was on Twitter and everything,” Churchill student Rachel Hutto said.

When asked how he felt about his performance on the show, Kellogg said, “I was happy with what I did. The wheel caught me one time and you can’t do much about that.”

Despite that one unlucky spin, Kellogg did well, solving a couple of puzzles and taking home a nice prize of $10,600. Kellogg said he plans to use at least some of that money to upgrade vehicles that he and his wife currently drive.

“We’ve got older cars, my wife’s driving a 2000 Suburban and I’m driving a 99 Ford Ranger, so we usually drive those things until they die,” Kellogg said.

While the prize money is great, Kellogg will tell you, the experience is what matters the most. In fact, he said his 15 minutes of fame will serve as a teachable moment.

“I’m always looking for, how can I help catch another kid and say ‘Hey look at this, you have an opportunity to go try out for a sport, go do it. Or, you have an opportunity to be in a musical, but you don’t feel like you’re a great singer, go for it. What’s the worst that can happen?’”

“In everything he does, he tries to not only teach what he’s teaching in school, but teach kids to go out and be the best person they can be and not be afraid, not be afraid to be rejected or fail,” Hutto said.

North East Independent School District commended the teacher on their Facebook page on Monday.