In a world created around convenience, you can get your Ash Wednesday blessing without ever leaving your car.

Many are gathering at San Fernando Cathedral today where six services are being held, but this isn’t the only way people are celebrating the first day of Lent. We found Ashes To Go.

“We follow Jesus’ example. Jesus went to where people are.” Pastor Eric Miletti, of Gethsemane Lutheran Church said.

“We’ve got ashes to go! We are celebrating the beginning of Lent.” Church member Irma Decker said.

The pastor and a few members of the church held a drive through for San Antonians to get their blessings.

“Because people are in need," Decker said. "And people are always in a hurry."

Debra Santiago said she was too sick to make it into church Wednesday, but she didn't let that stop her from honoring the Christian tradition.

“It’s something new and not something I have tried before,” Santiago said.

She's not alone. The church said many people have been pulling up on their lunch break.

“Forty people stopped by," Decker said. "They thought it was very convenient for them."