Chris Madrid's will soon be mobile, serving their famous burgers from their new food truck!

The restaurant posted the announcement on their Facebook page Monday morning.

"[W]e've bought ourselves a new sleigh - while Santa's is pretty great, OURS comes with a custom-made kitchen," the restaurant said.

The restaurant says they are launching operation of the truck within the week. The truck's first stop will be local charities, according to the Facebook post, "to bless others as we practice operation out of our new kitchen on wheels."

Customers were quick to express their enthusiasm at the anticipation of a Tostada Burger from the local favorite.

"Please hurry. I’m craving!!! It’s been too long. We eat here once a week and you’ve messed up my mojo," one fan wrote.

The burger spot has been out-of-operation since mid-October when a fire broke out in the restaurant. A total of 26 units responded. Fire crews had trouble reaching the flames in a small area by the attic but worked quickly to break through the roof to put out the flames.

The restaurant was closed at the time and thankfully no one was hurt.

It's unclear whether the food truck is only a temporary solution while undergoing repairs, or if they'll continue to operate the food truck once their main restaurant opens.

See the full Facebook post below: