In the last few days, one child has died from abuse and another is hospitalized and on life support in Bexar County.

Officials tell KEN5 this is a result of a brutal beating.

The tragic events are happening during Child Abuse Prevention Month.

Thursday, a local non-profit organization that helps families cope with these tragic events sponsored a fundraiser to raise money to continue their important work.

Eagles Flight Advocacy and Outreach offers a wide range of services for both special needs children and those who die because of abuse and neglect.

At Augie's BBQ on Broadway, the group sponsored an event they called “Jail and Bail.”

With the help of Bexar County Sheriff Javier Salazar and District Attorney Nico LaHood, some big-hearted community advocates agreed to be ‘arrested’ for the cause.

They spent the evening raising ‘bail money’ that will all be donated to the continuing effort to help children in trouble.

Pamela Allen, of Eagles Flight, fights for these young victims, and she said it is tragic that the need for this effort never stops.

Allen said "I wish we had more hope and more proposals and responses on what to do about child abuse in our county and in our city but until that time we stand ready to bury our children with dignity and respect."

Allen says in the last two years, the group has buried three abandoned babies and six children who died as a result of abuse.

Allen said she became involved in this work two years ago, when she fought to provide a proper burial for a newborn boy she named “Baby Noel.”

Allen went to court and won the right to bury the child at Chapel Hill Memorial Park and to provide a headstone for the child whose body was found in a duffel bag at a recycling center.

If you would like to help with the effort, here is a link to the Eagles Flight website