SAN ANTONIO - Buying a car in south Texas just got easier.

Carvana, an on-line platform for purchasing a vehicle, is announcing its launch in San Antonio on Wednesday.

Their San Antonio headquarters is located on Loop 1604 and Interstate 10.

The structure can be described as a giant car vending machine. That's part of the innovative experience at Carvana.

The technology-based company was founded in Phoenix in 2013 and it reportedly saves consumers nearly $1,500 on a vehicle.

The premise is simple: select a car, qualify with lenders on-line and then get your vehicle.

You can have the car delivered to you or come out their unique vehicle vending machine with a special coin.

You drop the coin in, and just like buying potato chips or a candy bar, your selection comes down to you.

The company delivers vehicles in 22 metro areas across the country including San Antonio.

According to Carvana's website, if you are outside one the areas they service and qualify for a car, they will give you up to $200 towards a plane ticket to get it.

This is touted as a hassle free, no pressure process.