SAN ANTONIO -- Hundreds more of former Career Point College students have joined in a class action lawsuit against the school system.

The initial lawsuit was filed last week. Aric Garza, the attorney representing the students, said since then, more than 300 students have been added and the numbers continue to climb.

Another group of former students have also jumpstarted an online petition.

They're asking for permission from the Texas Board of Nursing to approve a teach-out program for students to finish training.

Among the comments, one student shared her personal experience.

"I have invested a year of my life in this program. I have lost my home three times, lost jobs, slept in my car and went without eating to finish this program. Please help us to finish," Kari Reagan said.

Career Point College's website was down for more than 24 hours but is now back up again. Larry Earle, president and CEO of the school system, has yet to respond to her requests for an interview.

As for the class action lawsuit, a hearing is set for Nov. 1. Garza said he anticipates hundreds of former students to attend.