SAN ANTONIO – Another vocational college is said to be closing down. On Sunday students of Career Point College got word that campus is now shut down.

Notices, signed by Larry Earle the president and CEO, were sent to students Sunday announcing the immediate closure of the college.

The notices stated that two months ago the college’s management team discovered three long-term employees had violated rules related to student aid funds. Earle self-reported the activity to the Department of Education and provided them with a plan to repay the funds taken.

According to the college’s notice, the plan was not accepted by the Department of Education forcing management to discontinue operations and closing the college immediately.

The college has been around since 1984 and has not had one student lawsuit in its entire history according to the notice.

At the end, the college apologized to its staff and students and said they will be attempting to provide students assistance to other colleges that become available.

The notice ended with, “We apologize for closing the school, but in light of the actions by the Department of Education, we had no choice.”

Students and faculty plan to gather at the college on Monday at 7 a.m. for a prayer vigil. According to students, transcripts are supposed to be handed out Monday.