The kids who play baseball at Capitol Park Little League need someone to step into the batter's box and aim for the fence.

Three weeks ago, burglars broke into the league’s storage barn on Bulverde Road and stole all the maintenance and lawn equipment, a loss estimated at $8,000.

Offering a tour of the damage, League President Rob Foster opened the garage and pointed out the fingerprint dust left on their utility vehicle.

Police were unable to lift any usable prints.

“They stole the cart but they flattened one of the tires and abandoned it about a block away,” Foster said.

Foster said the thieves managed to get away with the cart’s charger and inflict more damage.

"We've got to have this fixed because it is dead in the water like this," Foster said.

Foster said the cart is used to help maintain fields and haul equipment and supplies around the park.

Also stolen, the park’s one riding lawnmower, a Cub Cadet Zero Turn model, and the gas can that fuels it.

Foster said the thieves also took weed eaters and an air compressor and damaged the perimeter fence when they cut it to gain entry to the park.

“We filed a claim with Little League insurance. We're waiting on the results of that. That could take some time but we can't wait,” Foster said.

Foster said the group is planning fund raisers, but the grass keeps growing.

“The first one will be a Labor Day Men’s League tournament that we are hosting,” Foster said.

He said if the area sees more rain, the problem will be compounded.

“It's easy to maintain these fields when we have a mower because we cut them often, but this is going to take some time, and a lot longer than it normally does to maintain this field and we're already challenged with taking care of this old park. We're continuing to put bandages on for a safe place for the kids to play” Foster said.

Foster said he hopes someone with a commercial grade mower or a kind-hearted volunteer with time on their hands might come forward to get the group through this rough patch.

“So for now if anybody could just volunteer their time and come out and mow a field or two, just to keep us caught up. As you can see, this field is not playable right now,” Foster said.

The fall season starts in three weeks and almost three hundred families need a safe place to play.

“Help me get the fields ready for the kids,” Foster said.

As for increasing security in the park, Foster said they are working on that issue as well.

Foster said anyone who can take a swing at helping the home team is welcome to reach out to the group through their website or Facebook page.