SAN ANTONIO -- A quick drive through Brackenridge Park and you can tell it was Easter Sunday.

It was a full house inside the park as hundreds celebrated their annual Easter tradition with friends and family.

"Every year it's a tradition! We come out here with family and friends," Easter camper, Charlotte Almanaza said.

Before the curfew was lifted at 11 p.m. Thursday, hundreds already claimed their spots for their annual Easter tradition inside nine San Antonio city parks.

"We put our chain [to claim our spot] on the Sunday before Easter," Easter camper, Richard Alba said.

"On the Monday of the week of Easter, people already start claiming and start fighting for tables!" Easter camper, Leticia Villarreal said.

"We usually arrive here by Thursday, camp out, set up here and get everything prepped and ready for the family," Almanaza said.

Sunday, the grills fired up and the pinatas were set up and ready to go. Thankfully, Mother Nature presented a beautiful, overcast Sunday.

"It's been over 27 years," Alba said. "Now we have our grandkids and great-grandkids coming here."

Folks made new memories and new friends, showing younger generations why camping out days in advance is so worth it.

"The love and the care we have for each other, getting together and having a great time, spending time with each other is just the most important thing. Any time that you can get with your family is just awesome," Almanaza said.

The curfew starts again at 11 p.m. Sunday.

"As long as Good Lord keeps me here, I'm gonna be here," Alba said.