Losing one parent is tough. Losing both is even harder, especially when it happens within a short period of time.

Murray Barrett and 12 others from First Baptist Church New Braunfels died last month after the bus Murray was driving collided with a pick-up in Uvalde County.

Then, 13 days later, Murray's wife of nearly 32 years, Dianne Barrett, went to sleep in the family's home and never work up.

"The running joke in the family is dad was such a handful, that 10 years after he was born God was like we have to make Dianne and a week and a half after he died, they were like we need Dianne up here," said daughter, Jenn Barrett.

The sudden loss of Dianne makes Jenn wonder why both parents were taken so soon.

"I just have this child-like curiosity of what are you going to do, God? God doesn't make mistakes, he's not surprised and didn't go, oh Dianne is here, what happened? He knew from the beginning what he was doing," Jenn said.

Dianne had a history of blood clots and her family suspects that may be what ended her life. Autopsy results could take weeks to determine an exact cause.

Meanwhile, the family finds comfort believing Murray and Dianne are together again.

"I am sad and I am hurting but I'm confident because I know my mom is in heaven, I know my dad is in heaven," said Jenn. "They both believed Jesus came, died for them, they accepted that in their life and lived for him."

Jenn said she knows now, more than ever, how precious life really is.

"You don't know that you have tomorrow, so you better be right with your loved ones and you better be right with God because we are on this earth for a moment," Jenn said.