It's an experience that's out of this world and you can enjoy the flight right here in San Antonio. Working with Boeing, the Witte Museum is promising the ultimate interactive journey into air and space.

"It is a highly interactive exhibit and you really can't go for feet without some kind of opportunity to interact with, design your own jet, fly your own Jet," said Marise McDermott, the Witte Museum president and CEO.

Along the way there's all sorts of ways for adults, kids, and kids at heart to play and learn.

"We are hopeful this exhibit will reach those kids and inspire them to be the next generation of leaders at Boeing," said Jay Galloway, site leader of Boeing San Antonio.

You can learn how all sorts of things fly like planes, helicopters, rocket ships, and even birds. You even have the chance to design and fly your own jet by choosing the wings, tail, and even color.

And if that isn't high enough for you, there is a virtual elevator to space. But if you really want to go to space, you'll need a jet pack.

They've got one of those too.