BORDER TEAM -- The border wall and illegal immigration are, and have been, two of the major issues during the election and for people living along the border.

Take 54-year-old Martin Hernandez, who grew up on this street in Brownsville.

Hernandez saw when the original border fence went up and how he said it helped stop the flow of people crossing the border into the U.S.

Hernandez said he welcomes a wall but said there may be some modifications needed for Donald Trump’s proposal.

“He has to do his job, you know? He’s got to go by the book,” he said. “And every time they turn the page there will be another rule, then there will be something else, then something else, so he’s got to change his politics.”

In an interview on CBS’s ‘60 Minutes,’ Trump said portions of the wall would have a fence, as opposed to an actual wall.

Trump also said not all undocumented immigrants would be deported, only criminals. Trump estimates between two and three million would be either deported or incarcerated.

For Illinois native Eric Murray, who is vacationing on the border, Trump's toned-down demeanor was expected.

“He’s a business man. He’s going to negotiate,” he said. “A lot of businessmen if you get 90% of what you want then you’re successful.”

Teodoro Rodriguez and his 14-year-old son Oscar hope Trump will reverse his stance. They hope President-elect Trump turns out to be more compassionate than candidate Trump for the sake of their family, some of whom they said are undocumented.

Rodriguez believes Trump was only trying to win votes. He said he doesn’t think Trump is as mean as he looks, but he’s still not sure what the future holds for them.

For now, people on the border will remain uncertain until there's definitive action on behalf of the president-elect in regards to these proposals that could impact the border region.