Only a week into football season and Boerne Police said crooks are trying to use team spirit to take your cash.

Boerne Police spread the word to the community on their Facebook page after receiving an official report involving fraud solicitors.

In the scam, criminals go door-to-door claiming they're with the Boerne Independent School District. They tell residents they need your money to sponsor footballs thrown to the crowds at a football game.

"They were reporting to be with Boerne ISD and selling footballs for the football program," said Lieutenant Steve Perez with the Boerne Police Department.

Police said the caller claimed to be a part of the "Spirit Team Advisors" for Boerne High School.

"To just start calling people and going door to door and saying, 'Pay us $500 to put your logo on a football", or something they're handing out in the game, those are some of the red flags you need to be cautious of," said Perez.

Boerne ISD said there are organizations approved by the district to make solicitations.

Police advise people to always ask for an ID if the solicitor approaches you in person and don't' provide your personal information unless you can verify the caller is legit.

"Ask questions because they don't like to be questioned," said Perez. "They get very defensive. They'd rather move onto someone else and try to scam somebody else."

School districts in San Antonio said the high school booster clubs won't go door to door or call you for donations.

South Side ISD, for example, said most of the athletics fundraisers stem from concessions and on-campus events. They've reported vendors selling school swag claiming it was for the district, but the money never goes back to the school

District administrators suggest calling 210-882-1600 ext. 5119 to verify if vendors are connected to the district.

If you are approached by solicitors asking for your support for Boerne ISD, call the athletics office so you can verify if a seller is legitimate: 830-357-2130.

If you are a victim of a similar scam, call the police.