SAN ANTONIO -- A west-side grandmother finds her grandson dead on the ground, in plain sight, five hours after San Antonio Police had been at the house for a shooting.

Family members are wondering if the man could have been saved.

The incident began around 2:15 Tuesday morning when police were called to the 6600 block of Monterey Street for a drive-by shooting.

Police found 34-year-old Randolph Scott with a bullet wound to the buttocks. He told police he was shot from behind by an unknown person as he approached the house. Scott told police he didn’t see who shot him.

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He was rushed to University Hospital for treatment.

But five hours later, around 7:30 a.m., family members said the woman who lives in the home went into her backyard and found her grandson dead.

As officers and crime scene technicians swarmed the area, a large group of family and friends gathered in the street for what turned out to be a five-hour wait to gain access to the family home.

As the crime scene tape was finally removed, the dead man’s mother Mimi said, "This morning my Mama and her brother found my baby dead!"

"He was laying right there. My baby could have made it! He got shot in the side, laying right there. You mean to tell me the police didn't come right here?" Mimi said.

Police said there was an extensive search of the property, but somehow, in the dark, the victim was simply overlooked.

"The detective come tell me he was covered in bushes. You don't see no bushes right there. You don't see no bushes!" Mimi said.

Police said no arrests have been made but they are pursuing leads. Meanwhile, the man who survived the attack has been released from the hospital.

The Medical Examiner’s office said the dead man has not been positively identified so they are not releasing his name at this time.

Mimi and her family are no strangers to tragedy.

Back in May, KENS 5 reporter Marvin Hurst profiled Mimi as part of an online reporting project detailing crime in east San Antonio.

Mimi was chosen for the spotlight because of her role as a mother figure to many who live with the threat of gun violence in their everyday lives.

To see more about Mimi, visit this link.