Bexar County Young Democrats are proposing a city-wide change in hopes of protecting the environment and keeping the city clean.

“Oftentimes there's so much plastic bags and trash in there and when that gets in the water system that’s very harmful, there are harmful effects, plastic bags contain harmful chemicals like BPA and we don't want that in our water system,” Gabrien Gregory, president of Bexar County Young Democrats said.

The ban has been proposed in San Antonio in the past and it’s been successful in other Texas cities like Austin and Brownsville.

Other cities that have implemented a plastic bag ban have asked shoppers to use reusable bags, some have charged customers 5 to 10 cents per plastic bag if they need to use one.

The Young Democrats say they haven’t finalized the logistics of how a plastic bag ban would work here in Bexar County. They plan to meet with city council members and local businesses to find a solution that might work for everyone.

“What our main focus is when someone goes to the store instead of hundreds of bags a day taken out of the grocery store and put into the environment, we want people to use reusable bags,” Gregory said.