SAN ANTONIO -- In the first debate for Bexar County Sheriff, candidates squared off. Some breaking away from their own party.

The radio debate included four candidates from the Republican, Democratic, Green and Libertarian parties.

When asked about running under the banner of a national party and if they endorse their party's presidential candidate some responses might surprise you.

“I like their ideas. They like my ideas. Yes, I am running as a libertarian and yes I am supporting our nominee for president,” said Larry Ricketts, the Libertarian candidate.

“The Democratic party leader told me that I had to run on a Black Lives Matter ticket. A lot of jump ship, and I think it's going on throughout this nation,” said James Dorsey, the Green Party candidate.

When asked if he was supporting Hillary Clinton, the Democratic Party presidential candidate, Democratic candidate Javier Salazar answered that he was.

“Overall the Democratic Party is just a better fit for me, so I'm a life-long democrat,” Salazar said.

Sheriff Susan Pamerleau, who is the Republican candidate, was asked about supporting Donald Trump the GOP presidential candidate.

“This local race about public safety,” said Pamerleau. “Frankly, I think that's not material to keeping this community safe.”

During the debate, Dorsey did endorse the Green Party's candidate.

Democrat Salazar broke with his party in another question, saying "stop and frisk is just fine." That policing policy has been ruled unconstitutional in how it was enforced in New York City by officers.