SAN ANTONIO -- We are just 22 days from Election Day and you've probably heard the unfounded claim that the presidential election is rigged.

Still, it has a lot of people talking and some might be concerned about the integrity of their vote.

Allegations of voter tampering were coming from Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, well before early voting begins in Texas next week. But election officials in San Antonio said there's nothing to worry about and they will make sure everything will be on the up and up.

Trump has made many claims that the election process is unfair. One of his recent tweets said, "The election process is rigged by the dishonest and distorted media pushing Hillary, but also at many polling places."

Bexar County Election Administrator Jacque Callenan said the system in Texas isn't rigged, but designed so voters can only cast their ballot once.

"Every one of our sites is all online so the minute that person comes steps up signs in his record is marked and if they cannot go any place," Callenan said.

What about hacking the voting machines?

"Each one is standalone they are not hooked up to anything there's no Internet nothing tied to the voting machines," Callenan said.

One voter didn't seem too concerned about voter fraud either.

“Honestly I think a lot of it is just gimmicks. Basically, something to attract a little bit of attention instead of attracting attention to important matters," he said.

"Of the 42 early vote sites and the 300 plus election day sites, there will be a Democrat and Republican that are properly trained by our elections administrator and we are very confident they know what to do and ensure transparent and equal the election for everybody," said Manuel Medina, Chairman of the Bexar County Democratic Party.