SAN ANTONIO -- Remarks by Jacque Callanen, Elections Administrator on the second to last day of early voting:

Today is wonderful. We are down a little bit from our projections. You know we try and fit this into that same mold, to the last two days of early voting blow us away.

Right now we're lagging just a little bit behind what yesterday was. So, the good news is we're 8,000 votes away from breaking the all-time record in Bexar County for people who voted in person.

The highest was 375 in '08 and when we came out now, we're 7,000 away from that. So we know we'll get that today. And then again, according to the model, we should have well over 40,000 people vote tomorrow.

We've had 41,000; 45,000 on the last day. So we're really excited about that.

We have a real strong mail ballot return, which is terrific. The early ballot board has been here and they are working diligently. So far, they're at about 32 or 33,000 ballots back in and that's going to keep everybody busy through next Tuesday.

We will accept mail ballots up until 7 pm on Tuesday.

So there's just lots of activity, lots of last minute.

For us the real go day is Saturday. The space where we are right now will start filling up. We'll see our 600 election judges. 600, maybe 650 of them will come to pick up their supplies for Election Day. Last minute training. We get to talk to them. They get to commiserate with each other so that's the exciting part for us, when we see them on Saturday.

We've talked to a lot of the cities. For instance, the City of San Antonio right now has placed security guards at all the libraries at early voting, for the evening, but it's for traffic. Because we're having this great turnout, people are sort of parking like bumper cars. So they're out there. They want to make sure the people who are crossing the streets are safe.

That's what we think we're going to be seeing on Tuesday. That we're going to really have to gear up for public safety to allow people, because, you know, let's be real. They may have to park a half a block away, depending, because the libraries are set up for their patrons.

They're not set up to have 1,000 people come in and vote.

So you think by the end of today, we'll have a record?

Yes sir. Absolutely.

And then the machines go to the polls when?

They started yesterday morning. There's another set that's out there again today. And then on Monday we'll have about 20 sites that we'll have to deliver out of our 303. Whether it's a community center or some of the places that we use are churches and they obviously don't want our equipment there over the weekend and so we respect those requests.

How are your people holding up?

They're tired. I can honestly say, if you see them, they're sort of dragging but I couldn't be prouder. This office has 19 employees. We have a fantastic set of temps. I think all told, we're up to 50 people in the office that have helped us keep our head above water, as all the mail ballot applications came in. As all the VR applications. You know the phones are ringing off the walls. We're averaging 1,000 to 1,500 phone calls a day. I'm just so proud of the group that's worked.