In the day before Election Day, Bexar County Republicans and Democrats were both busy at their headquarters strategizing and talking about last minute logistics in their get out the vote effort.

"We have 225 Democratic Party precincts in Bexar County and we're going to have people in every single one of them tomorrow knocking on doors, visibly on street corners and taking people to vote," said Manuel Medina, chairman of the Bexar County Democrats.

Over at the Republican headquarters, volunteers were busy making phone calls.

"This is part of what we call the 72-hour strike force which means for three days before the elections thousands and thousands of phone calls get done on an hourly basis," said Anna Maria Farias, vice chair of the Bexar County Republicans.

Medina and Farias agree that the last hours leading up to the election can make a difference.

"The last 72 hours do in fact make a great difference because this is someone saying you need to go vote," Farias said.

"We need you to participate. It's a party, it's a celebration, and we’re looking to get 600,000 votes cast. Whether you're democratic, republican, independent, come join the party," Medina said.

Both parties believe that they will be celebrating tomorrow night.

"We're feeling really good and of course here in Texas we want to keep this very red," Farias said.

"We're ready to party because we've worked hard and we know we're going to win," Medina said.