The bells, aprons, and kettles made an appearance at La Cantera today, but today's bell ringing for the salvation army has a twist. Hometown celebrity ringers are going head-to-head to see whose kettle raises the most money.

"In the end, regardless of who wins, it's a friendly competition, so regardless of who wins, the real winners are families in need." Salvation Army media manager, Brad Mayhar said.

The money raised through the 23rd will also go to other programs sponsored by the salvation army.

With just a few weeks left to raise money, the Salvation Army set their goal higher than usual this year, one million dollars.

"You aim for the moon and maybe if you don't reach that, you reach the stars as the expression goes, so we feel that by issuing a challenge that people will step up here in San Antonio and take care of those who are less fortunate," Mayhar said.

If you missed today's event, the Salvation Army will be at the Shops at La Cantera next Saturday, December 16th from 12-4 in front of Forever 21.