A Bexar County Sheriff's Office employee was arrested Wednesday by the same people he used to work for.

Luis Saldivar lost his job and his freedom thanks to one phone call.

Investigators said Kenton Haynes, 22, was in the lobby of the Bexar County Jail Wednesday trying to retrieve property he left behind during a previous stay.

He used a phone to call for it. Authorities said Saldivar, a clothing room employee, answered.

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When Saldivar saw Haynes had an active warrant for arrest on the charge of capital murder, he told Haynes over the phone to leave the building.

"Shortly after the warning to Haynes it appears Saldivar then called deputies and said hey, there's a guy in the building who's wanted on a felony warrant, y'all may want to get him," Sheriff Javier Salazar said.

According to BCSO, as deputies approached Haynes outside the detention center he ran off. Deputies were able to catch Haynes and take him into custody.

Saldivar was arrested Wednesday night. BCSO is in the process of terminating his employment.