Authorities are keeping a close eye on the Guadalupe River southeast of San Antonio.

The water is well over the banks and flooding parts of DeWitt County.

The river has been rising all day but it's expected to crest anytime now. That means the water will start going down and people here can start cleaning up.

Rhonda Sinast's family came home Monday to find this - a tree tangled in power lines on their roof.

But that's not their biggest concern.

"When we got a couple of blocks away and saw the water my heart just stopped, I was like, oh my God," Sinast said.

The Guadalupe River swallowed neighboring streets and has been inching closer to Rhonda's house.

"We are hoping, hoping it's not going to get here," Sinast said.

"We feel at this time we may have already seen the worst." Cyndi Smith with DeWitt County Emergency Management said.

DeWitt County's Emergency Management coordinators are expecting the water to start going down.

After the flood of 1998 devastated this small community, people have been on edge when large storms hit.

They welcome news the worst may be over.

"Our prayers are out to everybody. We hope everybody stays safe and just want this to be over." Sinast said.

There are still several roads closed in the area. Officials are asking people to stay away from the water and respect the barricades.