SAN ANTONIO - A San Antonio defense attorney announced his candidacy for the Bexar County District attorney seat.

Tylden Shaeffer began his legal career in the Bexar County District Attorney's Office in 1991. During his nine years there, he became the lead felony prosecutor and tried more than 150 cases.

Schaeffer said he has 27 years of experience as a prosecutor and defense counsel.

During an interview at his law office, Shaeffer said he's running for district attorney because Bexar County and San Antonio deserve better.

"We have an elected official who does not know how to run the office, who has mismanaged the organization of the office and whose prosecutors are not getting trained. They're not getting trained because, quite frankly, how would he train them?" said Shaeffer.

Shaeffer said District Attorney Nico LaHood not only lacks experience but integrity.

"A week ago, Mr. LaHood said he's sick and tired of fake politicians. He said actions speak louder than words. His speak loudly," said Shaeffer.

Shaeffer pointed to several articles in the San Antonio Express-News where LaHood was accused of prosecutorial misconduct. Schaeffer also referenced another case dealing with fraud.

"He has been in a situation where a citizen sought relief from him directly in his executive offices, and Mr. LaHood chose not to tell the truth. The citizen came to him talking about a Ponzi scheme in a fraud case. When Mr. LaHood was given the opportunity, he chose not to tell the truth. He did not disclose his relationship with the entity about which the citizen was complaining," said Shaeffer.

Schaeffer said he plans to see how successful the DA's office has been since Lahood's been in office.

"What I am hearing and observed in this courthouse is that we're seeing a number of 'not guilty's,'" said Shaeffer. "I will be asking for information, and I will be running my own statistics. We're not going to put a spin on them. It's going to be what it is," said Shaeffer

Eyewitness News reached out to LaHood for a response. He said over the phone that Schaeffer is basing allegations off of hearsay, and that it's a snapshot of the kind of DA Shaeffer would be.

LaHood has also previously announced his re-election campaign.