On Wednesday, we reported how thieves broke into a Woodland, California mother’s car and stole some gift cards, her license, and the remains of her newborn baby on Christmas night.

Kristina Pabolo thinks the thieves may have mistaken the ashes for drugs. Her two-week-old daughter passed away of a heart defect in 2014.

On Friday morning while Pabolo was at work, someone returned the ashes. She believes whoever took the ashes saw the recent report at brought them back.

“I’m hoping that with the attention and realizing what it was that they had, and realizing how much it was to our family that they felt bad and they just wanted to return them,” Pabolo said.

The ashes are normally placed in the back of a teddy bear carried by Pabolo’s oldest daughter. However, sometimes Pabolo will remove the ashes for safe keeping like when her daughter goes to school or visits a friend.

She said this experience has convinced her family that it’s time to spread the ashes and finally say good bye.