The rainfall predictions for this hurricane are huge, and those numbers are striking fear into the hearts of San Antonians who have vivid memories of what happened here in Oct. 1998, when a flood of historic proportions roared down Salado Creek.

One family that waded out of their home in waist-deep water then hoped they would never do that again.

Thursday afternoon, Doris stood at her door and worried as she watched rain roll from her roof.

“They're talking about, right now,12 to 19 in. of rain here in San Antonio. That's a lot," she said.

Doris said she is watching news broadcasts as if her life depends on it, because she knows it is true.

“I don't take it off the news. It's been on the news since yesterday, and I'm watching it very closely,” Doris said.

Doris said this is just like 1998, when the normally trickling Salado Creek took on the same amount of rain, and every single house on her block took on water.

“It started around 2 p.m., when I noticed that it was up. By 4 p.m., we were under water. We had water up to my waist in the street,” Doris said.

“I came across with it at my knee, and when I went back just five minutes later, it was half of my thigh. That's how quick it came up. Within ten to fifteen minutes, we were all under water. There were some neighbors that were still in their homes, and my daughters were getting kids out of their homes over here,” Doris said, “It was just terrifying.”

Doris said she is concerned because many of the neighbors who lived nearby then are now gone. They have either passed on our moved away. Doris said the newcomers don’t understand the danger of the deceptively slow-moving creek in their backyards.

“They are much younger, and they have that mind set of 'We can do it, we can ride it out with no problem,'” Doris said.

Doris also said, if the rain keeps coming, she's going.

"I don't want to go through that again. No way."

“We're going to leave and go toward Oklahoma. Pack up the RV and take off. The Lord will bless us, and we're not going to stick around," Doris said pointing to a motor home in the driveway.