Elmer Griggs and Mel Carter were medics in the Army and met when they were stationed at Fort Dix together in 1968.

A few months ago, Carter who lives in San Antonio, found Griggs online. Griggs lived a few hours away in Corpus Christi and the two reconnected over the phone.

"You always think of certain people at certain times," Griggs said.

Weeks passed and soon Griggs heard that Hurricane Harvey could hit his area pretty hard. He made the decision to evacuate to San Antonio with his mother and wife and gave Carter a call from the bus.

"All the wind was supposed to be coming our way and I just decided hey its not a good idea," Griggs said.

Early Friday morning, Griggs and his family were placed at an evacuation center. Finally, at the age of 70, the two soldiers who lived in the same barracks back in the day saw each other for the first time in 50 years.

"I knew immediately it was him and of course we embraced each other," Carter said.

While it took a devastating storm like Hurricane Harvey to finally bring the two together, sometimes beautiful things can come out of terrible tragedies.

"It was just kind of like the divine intervention where the lord says it's time for you to meet right now and so he made it happen and we made it happen," Carter said.

Fortunately Griggs' home is in tact and he plans to go back to Corpus Christi as soon as he can and when he does, he'll be going home with a new bond to his old friend.