SAN ANTONIO -- When most guys spend hours working in their garages, they're under the hood of a car or fixing up a motorcycle.

Not Rick Vinas. The Army veteran is building an airplane from scratch.

"You've got to be sort of an aviation nut to want to build your own airplane," he said.

Vinas is part of a local experimental aircraft group and meets up with other veterans who build their own planes every Wednesday. Without them, Vinas said, he'd have quit this project a long time ago.

"Every one of these guys has more hours in airplanes and more time building and more ideas of how it works, every one of them than I do, so I rely on them," he said.

He's six years into the project, but since meeting his aviation buddies, Vinas said the build has sped up.

Vinas expects the engine to be in within a year, and his first flight should follow soon after.