The 323rd Ft. Sam's Own Army Band performed for a crowd of eager children on Friday morning to promote Music in our School month.

The performance took place at the San Antonio Country Day Montessori School for students, teachers and parents alike. It celebrated how music continues to bring the community together.

Sgt. Joel Tyler, the leader of the Army band, praised his group's effort in fostering the promotion of music and emphasized the value that music continues to bring to the classroom.

“These children are our future Americans. I don't want them to be afraid of the uniform. I want them to know there are many different jobs available, from science, to medical and even music," Tyler said.

He said the band proudly plays all year around and the events are always free.

Photo courtesy of San Antonio Country Day Montessori School 

Betty Williams of Country Day Montessori said that music is also a gateway to more opportunity and growth for students because it exercises both sides of the brain.

“Students learn the language of music. They learn how to add music to an activity to enrich it. It’s also a great way to remember that military men can have fun too," she said.

The National Association for Music Education started Music in Our School Month in 1985 as a way to highlight the importance of high quality music education programs in our schools.

During the month of March, the community is encouraged to use #MusicInspires on social media as a way to participate in sharing how they are engaging in the event.

Army bands were also reportedly created in an effort to serve the nation through music.

The 323rd Fort Sam's Own Band was granted a distinctive designation in 2004 and was originally constituted in 1944. They will also be performing in San Antonio's highly anticipated Battle of Flowers Parade on April 28.