SAN ANTONIO -- Anti-Trump organizers have called for a protest at 9 p.m., encouraging everyone to wear black. They say the protest is intended to be peaceful, but events around the country have dialed up tensions and fears.

In Portland, protesters hurled projectiles through a hail of rubber bullets. Others came to blows. But San Antonians don’t think their protests will escalate to violence.

I think San Antonio, even though it’s a large city, we’re very close-knit,” said Alejandra Cortes, who’s been handing out fliers at UTSA for Friday’s protest at the Alamo even as her fliers have gotten people riled up. “Some messages called me the b-word. They’ve said, ‘Oh, you’re from Mexico, you can’t understand the language.’”

The same goes for another protest planned for Saturday, with counter-protesters posting a picture promising to exercise their open-carry rights nearby.

San Antonio police told KENS 5 that they’re well-aware and plan on having a presence at the protests.

“We welcome you. We want to hear your opinions,” Cortes pleaded.

She added that she recognizes that counter-protesters have a right to be there too. She also recognizes that the protest won’t change the country’s vote. She says her goal is to show those who fear discrimination that they aren’t alone.

“To show people that we’re unified, and that we empathize with them,” she said.

KENS 5 reached out to the organizers of the counter-protesters, but none were available to talk.

A different group is planning another protest on Saturday at city hall.