SAN ANTONIO - As people head into San Antonio to get away from flooding they're bringing along pets.

That's where our city's animal shelters are stepping in.

Felicia Nino from the San Antonio Humane Society said they started taking in animals on Friday. Friday they took in three dogs and by Saturday they took in 11 dogs and eight strays.

Nino said a family brought a mother dog with a liter of 9. Depending on if the family plans to take the puppies back with them, they might need a foster family to care for them. So far, there have been no cats but the San Antonio Humane society is prepared with many crates to house them.

“We are ready to help out the best we possibly can,” Nino said.

The society is providing food, bedding, blanket, towels, and vaccinations to ensure the animals are healthy. They are also taking donations from food to kiddie pools for the animals.

Nino said they plan on holding the pets for about two weeks but it does depend on the situations and will hold the animals longer or shorter on a case by case basis.

For more information, you can call 210-227-7461 or visit their website at