Animal rescue groups are teaming up together to save animals who were abandoned during Hurricane Harvey.

The San Antonio Humane Society said the Pittsburgh Aviation Animal Rescue Team contacted them about rescuing the animals. Felicia Nino, the San Antonio Humane Society spokeswoman, said on Sunday that the Pittsburgh group drove to San Antonio to pick up some dogs. On Monday, a small plane picked up more of them.

Nino said that a total of 60 dogs will go to new homes in Pittsburgh.

"All of these pets were either from the San Antonio Humane Society from the San Antonio area, from Corpus Christi, from Portland, Texas and Aransas Pass," Nino explained.

Nino also said that they found dogs in heartbreaking conditions in areas hit by Harvey. She said that some were found tethered and left to fend for themselves.

"There were actually some of the dogs tied to fences at the Aransas Pass location that we had to go to," Nino recalled. "Everyone had to hurry and get out of there as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, there were some dogs that were out there that were tied and we got them."

The San Antonio Humane Society plans to go out to areas hit by Harvey and find more abandoned animals.