UPDATE: Both animals will live and the cat, Midnight, has already been adopted by another family. But the dog, Ruby, will have to heal from his injuries before he's available for adoption.


A man is accused of throwing a dog and cat out of a second story window during an argument.

Police say Fernando Morgan, 45, got into a heated argument with his live-in girlfriend on December 2. At some point during the argument, police say that Morgan threw a dog and a cat out of the second story window.

The dog, a small rat terrier named Ruby, and the cat, a black kitten named Midnight, landed on the windshield of a car, shattering the windshield.

ACS says that the animals were actually thrown twice from the second story window in the argument and Ruby was actually slammed into some concrete stairs.

A witness found the dog crying and yelping on the ground.

The two animals were taken to the animal clinic for treatment. The dog’s injuries were life-threatening.

Morgan faces animal cruelty charges.