Precinct 4 Bexar County Judge Rogelio Lopez ruled that several dozen horses in the care of Schwartz Foundation Farms, in Converse, were treated cruelly.

The ruling came after seven hours of witness testimony and deliberation on Tuesday.

The horses were seized from the farm in early July by Bexar County authorities after allegations of neglect and poor feeding practices. Sheriff Javier Salazar was in the courtroom and stated that he physically removed some of the horses from the farm, himself.

“We knew from that very night the decision this judge was going to make,” Sheriff Salazar said. “We knew we presented them with the right evidence, and we’re confident the judge made the right decision.”

Former employees of the farm and people who frequently visited with the horses were also in the crowd. A horse farrier took to the witness stand and recalled treating a horse that had a 4-inch stick stuck in it’s hoof. He also described another horse having an open hole in it’s side.

Andy Schwartz, the owner of the farm, is now facing criminal charges.

In the meantime, the horses will remain in the care of Meadow Haven Horse Rescue in Smiley, Texas.