When the temperatures started dropping, the number of animals in trouble rose pretty dramatically.

Animal Care Services has taken in so many dogs that were left out in the cold, they are now desperately looking for help.

Claudia Balarin of ACS said, “We've taken in close to 300 animals in the past two days."

Balarin said with the recent bitter cold and wet conditions, people have been calling 311 to report neglect in large numbers, and because they have a zero-tolerance policy for violators, the kennels at ACS are close to capacity.

Balarin said owners who leave pets without shelter and fresh water can face criminal citations. And new rules went into effect in October making it illegal to chain animals.

“There's a new rule for tethering, so there's no more chains allowed, regardless of the weight or the material, there's just no more chains,” Balarin said.

To help alleviate overcrowding at the facility, ACS is offering great deals on the adoption of four-legged friends.

“Those animals are still in need because they need homes, so we're asking our community to please go to your local shelter, visit Animal Care Services and adopt a dog to help us make more room for more pets in need,” Balarin said.

At their "Name Your Price" event, anyone who wants to adopt an animal can pick a pet and a price, instead of paying the customary fees.

"We hope to adopt or foster out as many as we can, so if you're interested in adopting but not ready to make that commitment you can also foster as well and that would help us tremendously," Balarin said.

Balarin said fostering an animal is as simple as filling out a form.

ACS will be open for adoptions Saturday and Sunday from 11 am to 5 pm. Additional details are available at their website.