Joe Torta was just delivering the mail, as usual, when he stumbled across huge feral hogs in one of his residential neighborhoods. But Torta doesn't deliver mail out in the country. This happened near Ingram Mall.

Torta snapped some photos and posted them on Snapchat.

"It was in morning last Wednesday about 6:15 a.m.,” Torta recalled. “The mom was big, obviously. The babies were small."

He also said that she was very protective of her team and that she was very aggressive to anyone who approached.

"She was aggressive. There were 10 to 12 hogs. I'm surprised they got that close. There's an open field on Mabe street that they come out of," he said.

Less than a mile from Ingram Park Mall and close to a new park, Torta is worried that more kids will be out walking during summer and possibly catch the mama hog on a bad day. So how do you get rid of the nuisance? Can you hunt them?

The San Antonio Police Department sent us a statement, saying:

"It is not legal to shoot a feral hog in city limits, please contact the Game Warden on how to have a feral hog removed from a residential neighborhood."

"You can’t shoot them,” Torta noted. “It’s illegal." "I talked to the owner one time and he put up a fence."

Several other residents are doing the same.

KENS 5 also talked to Texas Game Wardens in Bexar County. They say that you can try to trap a hog yourself, but only if you have a hunting license and only if it's trapped on your property.

Your final option? Hire a professional private trapper.

For more information, visit the Texas Game Wardens official website or read this release from Texas Parks and Wildlife.