A Border Patrol K-9 almost retired due to back problems, but Kvido was saved with a first-of-its-kind surgery.

At only 4 years old, Kvido was diagnosed with degenerative lumbosacral stenosis.

"The way he was before, he didn't want to engage in work," said David Morales, a Border Patrol K-9 coordinator.

But then, Kvido received an implant in his lower back.

"This particular procedure has been performed on humans hundreds of thousands of times," said Dr. James Giles III, a South Texas.

The implant helped stabilize Kvido's back.

"The statue [of a dog] is much smaller," Dr. Giles noted. " So we have a more narrow space to work with. We have to be able not to damage the spine."

The surgery was a success, and after eight weeks of extensive rehabilitation, Kvido is ready to go back to work.

"He's going to be working well," Morales said. "Doing what he's supposed to be doing."