PONTE VEDRA, Fla. -- A blind cat and his seeing eye companion are heading to their forever home in Virginia, passports and all.

Walter and Sophie, 11-year-old cats abandoned at an animal shelter back in April, were struggling to find homes. Despite multiple appeals on Facebook by several animal agencies, no one was willing to adopt the pair.

At their time in the shelter, Walter was not doing well. He had lost his eye sight sometime before arriving and refused to eat or drink. The only thing keeping him alive was his seeing eye feline, Sophie.

"They are an absolute bonded pair, they can not be separated even for a few minutes," Kaye Lovatt, the Practice Manager at Ponte Vedra Hospital said. "[If] one leaves the room, the other one panics. Sophie the kitty that can see just looks after her boy Walter."

Staffers at Ponte Vedra Animal Hospital spotted the Facebook post of the two and quickly jumped into action. They took Walter and Sophie and gave them a loving and safe environment to thrive in.

"We felt so sorry for these two little souls, we had to take them in. We didn't want to them to be separated," Kaye said.

There's was still one problem. Staffers at Ponte Vedra just could not get the pair adopted out.

That's when one resident took matters into her own hands. Lisa Flint decided to take a chance and post a plea to a popular Facebook page for a blind cat. Minutes later she received a flood of inquires for the pair.

"I thought 'take a leap of faith.. blind cat... blind cat Facebook page. And shared their stories, I could tell immediately there was a lot of interest," Flint said.

Walter and Sophie eventually found a home in Virginia by a woman who desperately wanted to adopt the two cats. Just one problem. How do you get them from one side of the state to the other?

That's where The Catz Meow comes in. The volunteer transport group created a passport for the two cats and thus began the journey.

"When everyone pulls together, it's a beautiful thing," Flint said. "Who would have known what their fate would have been if they had stayed at the shelter."

The Catz Meowz Inc is an all-volunteer, leg to leg transport service for the safe relocation of cats and kittens in the continental United States.

And it's only fitting that Flint drives the first leg of the journey from Jacksonville, Florida to Brunswick, Georgia.

"I feel very blessed and honored to be apart of, I call it an adventure," Flint said.

First Coast News will follow-up and check up on the two cats once they reach their final destination.

If you want to be apart of The Catz Meow transport service, you can sign up here.