The Bexar County Sheriff's Office honored a former member of their team Tuesday morning.

A funeral service was held for Retired Deputy K9 Tex. Tex was a beloved partner to Bexar County Sheriff K9 Deputy Joseph Canales.

Since 2014, Tex and Deputy Canales were inseparable. The two worked together, they lived together and even took the occasional selfie. They did what best friends do.

"He not only was my partner, but he became family," Canales said.

October 30, 2015, Canales was shot in the line of duty while sitting in his patrol car near Walzem Road and Midcrown Drive on the northeast side. Tex was in the back seat, and despite bullets hitting his kennel, he remained uninjured.

"Not only was I afraid because of what had happened to me, I was afraid of what had happened to Tex," said Canales, who would make a full recovery. "It wasn't until later on in the night when my supervisors told me that Tex was ok. That was a relief for me."

Tex helped Canales through his recovery, then retired at the age of 5.

"Coming through some rough moments of either being physically tired, mentally, I had my little battle buddy that made me smile and brought me back up on my feet," Canales said.

According to a post from Jessica Canales, the wife of Deputy Canales, Tex was medically retired in December of 2016 after being diagnosed with an autoimmune disease and hypothyroidism.

Earlier this month, after noticing that K9 Tex was not eating and swelling in his abdomen, K9 Tex was taken to the hospital where x-rays revealed his spleen was not where it should be.

On June 8, K9 Tex was taken into surgery to correct the issue but did not survive.

Tuesday morning inside the Bexar County Sheriff Training Academy, coworkers, friends and family honored the K9 who did so much more than serve. He healed.

"Somehow this partner, this battle buddy and this family member knew his watch was over. His work here was done," Chaplain Gary Higgs of the Bexar County Sheriff's Office said. "He was very much a part of Joseph's healing as any doctor or any hospital, or any medication could ever be."

"He's gonna be very, very missed. My new partner has some big paws to fill," Canales said, who also performed demonstrations with Tex for the 100 Club of San Antonio and local schools.

In May, Sherman Robinson was sentenced to 65 years in prison after being convicted of shooting and severely injuring Deputy Canales in 2015.

In a picture shared on the BCSO page, K9 Tex's badge and collar sat atop a box with words etched on a plate that read, "Run Free and Bite the Thunder."