San Antonio Animal Care Services received 23 cats and five dogs from a shelter in Dickinson Saturday night. The shelter there had been inundated with stray animals and owners surrendering their pets after Hurricane Harvey decimated that area.

ACS in the Alamo City decided to leave the pets people recently surrendered in Dickson in hopes that when their owners get back on their feet, they might be able to reunite with their pets. But they're hoping that San Antonians can now step up and adopt these new animals that are also in need of forever homes.

ACS has also stepped up in the aftermath of Harvey by providing temporary shelter for evacuees' pets.

"It was very much a change from 10 years ago, from Katrina. Now, almost every picture you see of somebody evacuating waist high in water, they're carrying their pets with them. And it is very nice to see the change in the structure of evacuation centers, that they have to provide for their animals, No. 1 to give the people piece of mind, No. 2 so they will evacuate," said Bethany Colonnese from Animal Care Services. "We saw a lot of that in Katrina: People would not evacuate because they couldn't take their pets."

The cats can be adopted for $15 and dogs for $25. ACS says that if the animals aren't adopted by the end of this week, they'll likely be flown to other shelters across the country who are looking to help out.