San Antonio’s community colleges are preparing for Campus Carry to go into effect on August 1.

Senate Bill 11 permits licensed gun holders to carry concealed weapons in buildings and on campus. The law goes into effect for public junior colleges in Texas this fall.

Alamo Colleges District sent an email to students and staff explaining the law’s implementation.

The school system made it clear no open carry whatsoever would be allowed on any of its properties.

Concealed handguns held by licensed owners will be allowed on campus except for in specified prohibited areas.

In ‘special testing areas’ students may have to keep their weapon in a bag away from them during testing.

Licensed carriers having to enter prohibited areas on campus are required to leave their weapons in their vehicles.

The district’s prohibited areas are listed below:

· Board meetings

· Polling locations

· Nonpublic, secure areas of police department sites

· Child care facilities

· Certain occasions of alcohol service

· (TABC-licensed caterer responsible for determination)

· Mental health counseling facilities (including SAC Women’s Center)

· Locations where employee discipline and termination meetings and student/disciplinary meetings, as well as all types of student and employee complaint hearings are conducted

· Certain areas where minors congregate

· Scobee Planetarium

· Dedicated facilities leased to ISDs for Early College High Schools

· Classrooms primarily dedicated to Alamo Academies & Phoenix Middle College programs

· Summer Camps (core areas)

· Special testing areas where belongings must be surrendered during testing

· All athletic facilities at all times (includes spectators as well as participants)

· Use of resident-supplied gun lockers at Tobin Lofts is required other than in single-resident rooms

· Mixed Use: Prohibit whole building or whole floor only if preponderant (excessive signage issue)

· Campus-specific: Where prohibition is authorized in principle but the specific configuration of a campus facility makes this impractical, then that campus may seek an exception

· District vehicles, except when an employee's college duties require otherwise

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