At least 20 cats were found in a northwest-side apartment Wednesday, some were dead, and others were eating each other, according to San Antonio Animal Care Services.

ACS said cruelty investigators were dispatched to the Wellington Estates Apartments in the 6600 block of Callaghan around 12 p.m.

Once on scene, investigators found about 20 cats that had been abandoned in the apartment. Four of them were dead. The deceased cats had signs of being eaten alive.

Investigators believe the cats were left alone following an eviction. "We are still at this point gathering that information getting the time frame tracking down the details to hold this person accountable," said Joel Skidmore with ACS. "We have an idea of the time frame but we don’t exactly have it nailed down yet.

The cats were living in deplorable conditions, said Skidmore. "They were living in their own feces they were living in their own urine. There’s urine staining on the fur of the animals and they were just visually underweight."

Skidmore said the cats would be taken back to animal care services to be cared for where they will remain until the investigation is completed and the situation is resolved.