63 children and nine adult caregivers escaped from a fast-moving fire at a north east San Antonio daycare Tuesday morning.

The fire started about 10:30 at the Bright Kids Daycare in the 3900 block of Thousand Oaks and it left the building nothing but a smoking pile of rubble.

Fire officials say the staff did an excellent job getting all the children out of harm’s way.

The first arriving fire companies found everyone safe and accounted for, so they turned their attention to battling the fire.

They called the blaze in the 5,000 square foot structure intense and hard to fight.

Fire spokesman Joe Arrington said about 25 fire units were called to the scene because of the prolonged fight and because of high heat and humidity.

Smoke from the blaze could be seen in virtually every quadrant of the city.

The blaze was so intense, a decision was made early on to fight the fire defensively from the exterior.

Firefighters trained three giant streams of water at the building for a long time before getting the upper hand on the blaze.

As they poured tons of water on the flames, the roof and walls of the building collapsed, both from fire damage and the weight of the water.

While some fought the fire, other first responders were pressed into service as child care providers, safely carrying small, precious cargo to VIA buses.

The buses were brought to the site to ferry the children to another daycare facility nearby owned by the same chain.

A spokesman for Child Protective Services said the secondary facility at 4230 Clearspring Drive has plenty of capacity to care for all the extra children.

There has been no ruling yet on a cause for this fire.

No dollar amount has been assigned to the damage, but it is complete.

The City is filing court documents to get an emergency demolition order to bring the rest of the dangerous remains down as soon as possible.