Alamo City Selena fans were heartbroken Thursday when Stripes gas station announced it no longer had enough of the commemorative cups to sell at their San Antonio locations.

Fortunately, your Selena cup dreams don’t have to die with the gas station’s broken promise. Her spirit lives on through crafty websites like Etsy and Pinterest. We found five other cups adorned with the starlet that you can order right to your front door.

1. Available on Amazon, this cute mug starts at $15.09.

Selena mug for sale on Amazon

2. Start your day with Selena's adorable mug plastered on this $14 dollar coffee cup from Etsy.

Selena cup for sell on Etsy.

3. Strut into the office with this glammed out Selena coffee cup. Get it for $15 dollars from Etsy.

Selena cup available on Etsy.

4. Can’t seem to get Bidi Bidi Bom Bom out of your head? Get this one for $13.99 from Etsy.

Selena cup available on Etsy.

5. Want something a little more simple and sleek? You can’t go wrong with #Selena for your morning coffee on the go. Cop it for $21.99 from knick knacks for gifts.